Hollywood Love

Two best friends and two siblings meet and become one big happy family. Latine and midsize heroines, two brother heroes that can't seem to get along. All against the backdrop of Hollywood fame.

New cover for Seeking Stars. The main characters are in the forefront of the image, with LA in teal in the background. He's wearing a dark purple blazer and is staring at her longingly; she's holding her recording camera in front of her face as if she were recording you. She's wearing a yellow top and dark teal pants. The title of the book stands out in bold pink and orange, and the author's name is at the bottom.

Seeking Stars

Book 1 of

Seeking Stars is a celebrity romance with a Latina, small fat main character. Forced proximity and mini-roadtrip. Slowburn-ish with both tension and spice.

Illustrated cover. Main characters are at the forefront, both of them wearing clothes in shades of purple/lavender; they're kissing as he holds her and her hand is on his neck lovingly. The background is of the Los Angeles skyline and the Hollywood sign, all in shades of purple. The title of the book is written in a bright red/orange font.

Love in Times of Contempt

Book 1.5 of

Love in Times of Contempt is a Liam and Ana novella. Follow-up to Seeking Stars and #1.5 in the Hollywood Love series. It deepens themes from book #1 and presents the context for book #2. More celebrity romance shenanigans.

Cover for Done and Done. Two main characters in a stare off with arms crossed; he wears a blue suit and she wears a light blue short dress. He has a stubble and she has a bold red lip. He has white skin and short, styled brown hair, and she has light brown skin and curly hair to her shoulders. She has belly rolls, wide hips, and thick legs. There's a desk in the background obscured by the characters, a window, the Los Angeles skyline, and the Hollywood sign on the horizon. The title of the book is in bright yellow font in the forefront.

Done and Done

Book 2 of

Done and Done is Alex and Ely's book, #2 and final in the Hollywood Love Series. Enemies to lovers, grump/sunshine, office romance with a lot of sass. Fat, Latine, and Mental health rep.