About Leonor Soliz

Writing has been a dream of mine since forever and here I am, trying to make it happen.

But how did I get here?

I wrote my first meet cute at eight years old. It was about a teenage girl diving into a swimming pool and, as she came out of the water (imagine the Little Mermaid on the rock, water coming off her hair as she swings it around, all backlit by the sun… but in a pool), she caught a teenage boy’s eyes. She made her way to a reclining lounge chair and lay down to sunbathe. He came to sit on the chair beside her and chatted her up. The end. This is the drawing I made to go along with it:

About Leonor Soliz, Comfort Romance Author. The picture is a scanned drawing of a mermaid done by Leonor when she was eight for her story.


Six years later, this elder millennial author made self-insert fanfic (didn’t know the name for what I was doing, but it’s what I did) for the popular British band Take That. Yes. You read that right. I kept this self-insert habit of mine for a couple of years!

By eighteen, I had created my second original story: a spy book. My next attempt was about a woman abducted by aliens (not the kind of spicy story you may be imagining). Evidently, I was trying to find my niche, folks.

Now skip forward about four years. My next semi-successful attempt was a story about a woman getting lost in the forest and being rescued by a handsome hermit. They were kind of snowed in… because tropes FTW (I might write this one day and publish) it. In 2009, at the tender age of 25, I discovered real fanfic, and I wrote it until 2019. Now all I can think about are my own characters 💜

The thread connecting every story I tried to write? Romance.

What you can expect from my books

I write romance full of feelings, with characters that are really trying to be good people, have learned a few things throughout their lives, and are trying to bring it into their romantic relationships. They feel deeply, they think a lot, and they always get a happy ending.

The characters I write are diverse. At the moment I’m writing stories I know well: Latine and immigrant experiences, and fat characters. As soon as I can afford to pay sensitivity readers fairly, I hope to expand this scope.

My stories are comfort romance: love as it can be. Perhaps, as it should be in real life. My day job is to help people heal from the pain inflicted by this world. In books, I try to do the same— but with a lot more control! My goal is to reflect the world we live in, but better.

That’s why I chose Love For Today as my tagline: relationships that fit what people of today may understand as true love, healthy love; love that can make us dream and inspire us to make it a reality.

I’m a Latina living in Canada. I immigrated here almost a decade ago, called by love. My husband was born here and I was born 10,000 km away in Chile. We met in fandom. One thing led to another, and I recently became a Canadian myself!