Love for Today

Leonor Soliz is a comfort romance author. Her books are cozy and fun:
low conflict, slow burn books that will make you swoon… and will reward you with great spice.
With a healthy dose of humor, these stories guarantee a happily ever after to her
plus size and latine characters.

Primary Releases

Yours, For Now

Book 1 of

'Yours, For Now' is Gabe and Lina's story. They thought they were teaming up for business, but after they agree to fake a relationship, they end up teaming up for more.

Book cover. Orange and teal palette. The couple has one of their arms around each other's back, while each holds a wedding ring for the other with their free hand. They look at each other's eyes and smile. She wears casual clothes and has short, curly hair with a shaved side; he wears dark navy dress pants and waistcoat.

Yours, Forever

Book 2 of ,

Max and Eva's story. Marriage of Convenience, Opposites Attract. What happens in Vegas... follows you home.

Cover for Done and Done. Two main characters in a stare off with arms crossed; he wears a blue suit and she wears a light blue short dress. He has a stubble and she has a bold red lip. He has white skin and short, styled brown hair, and she has light brown skin and curly hair to her shoulders. She has belly rolls, wide hips, and thick legs. There's a desk in the background obscured by the characters, a window, the Los Angeles skyline, and the Hollywood sign on the horizon. The title of the book is in bright yellow font in the forefront.

Done and Done

Book 2 of

Done and Done is Alex and Ely's book, #2 and final in the Hollywood Love Series. Enemies to lovers, grump/sunshine, office romance with a lot of sass. Fat, Latine, and Mental health rep.

Leonor Soliz, Comfort Romance Author. A close-up photo of the author smiling at the camera, with vibrant teal hair.

About Leonor

Leonor wrote her first Meet Cute at eight years old and never really stopped. After many years of practicing and dreaming, she took the plunge and wrote a full-length romance novel. Then wrote some more.

Her stories are written for comfort: love as it can be. Writing love for today means diverse characters with emotional depth and wisdom. Her characters are doing the work, folks.

Leonor is a latina living in Canada, working as a therapist during the day and fitting as much writing to her life as she can. She’s also a multicrafter, trying her hand at watercolor, jewelry, and anything else that strikes her fancy.

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