Cover for Done and Done. Two main characters in a stare off with arms crossed; he wears a blue suit and she wears a light blue short dress. He has a stubble and she has a bold red lip. He has white skin and short, styled brown hair, and she has light brown skin and curly hair to her shoulders. She has belly rolls, wide hips, and thick legs. There's a desk in the background obscured by the characters, a window, the Los Angeles skyline, and the Hollywood sign on the horizon. The title of the book is in bright yellow font in the forefront.

Done and Done

Book 2 of

Done and Done is Alex and Ely's book, #2 and final in the Hollywood Love Series. Enemies to lovers, grump/sunshine, office romance with a lot of sass. Fat, Latine, and Mental health rep.

Released: April 18, 2023

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Alex is my insufferable, irresistible colleague. Our one-night stand should have been goodbye… but his return threw my life into turmoil.

It’s sad that he’s such a grump when he’s so hot, but working with him every day pushes my limits. To make things worse, I can’t stop thinking about how his lips felt on every soft curve of my body.

Despite his cranky exterior and our endless bickering, he starts to draw me in all over again when he shows me a softer side.

But I have to stay away. He was a jerk when he came back, and I don’t believe in second chances.

I can’t let his rare sweet moments break through my walls, or let him confuse ceasefire for romance. 

No matter how many plans he puts in motion to get us alone. No matter how much he insists we are meant to fall in love.


Done and Done is a hate to love, grumpy/sunshine romance, with a Latina plus-size main character, and a cinnamon roll hero wrapped in barbed wire. It includes mental health rep, and banter hot enough to fan every flame. This is Book #2 of the Hollywood Love series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of coarse words, swear words
  • Alcohol consumption (casual, no intoxication)
  • Discussions about being judged based on size, ethnicity, and gender
  • Young person being verbally mistreated (off page)
  • bickering and slight passive aggression
  • open conversations about depression and its treatment
  • minor injury and related hospital visit