Book cover. Orange and teal palette. The couple has one of their arms around each other's back, while each holds a wedding ring for the other with their free hand. They look at each other's eyes and smile. She wears casual clothes and has short, curly hair with a shaved side; he wears dark navy dress pants and waistcoat.

Yours, Forever

Book 2 of ,

Max and Eva's story. Marriage of Convenience, Opposites Attract. What happens in Vegas... follows you home.

Released: March 12, 2024
Series: ,

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Marrying a sexy, outrageous billionaire in Vegas was a wager on my future. His arrival in my small town two weeks later? Not in the prenup.

My deal with Maximiliano Err√°zuriz is nothing more than a bold business move. He needs a wife to overcome his father’s schemes, and the money he offers will fix all my problems.

To trick his father, we’re living together and pretending we’re in love.

But we’re too different. He’s brazen; full of cheeky smiles and wicked teasing. I’m practical and private. His bespoke suits and exuberant personality clash with the simplicity of my hometown. I hate city living. He thrives in the bright lights.

That is until he shows genuine care for my town, and his eyes turn fiery at the sight of my curves. When he reveals his bruised heart, I melt even more. Soon I can’t resist him at all.

Max is my eccentric souvenir, but forever wasn’t in our vows. People have left me behind before and he will, too. I need to let him go, before I start to believe we belong together and I end up with nothing but a shattered heart.

YOURS, FOREVER is a slow burn, cozy, dual POV romance, with a small town gal and a billionaire, big city guy. This Marriage of Convenience, Opposites Attract novel includes plus size and Latine characters, and open door spice.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of coarse words, swearing
  • Use of alcohol - social, on page, no intoxication
  • Use of alcohol to the point of intoxication - off page, one occurrence
  • Loss of memory due to alcohol intoxication
  • Mention of parents cheating, off page
  • Mention of parental emotional neglect of main characters