"Yours, For Now" cover: yellow background with texture made of blueprints and a flower pattern in darker yellow. There is a window overlooking cranes and buildings. The MMC is in a brown suit looking at the MFC, who wears a purple dress and a flower brooch. They seem about to hold hands, and their fingers make the shape of a loose heart. The fonts for the book title and author's names are in shades of purple as well.

Yours, For Now

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'Yours, For Now' is Gabe and Lina's story. They thought they were teaming up for business, but after they agree to fake a relationship, they end up teaming up for more.

Released: August 29, 2023

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Pretending to date my rich, sexy, and caring friend Gabriel could grant us the deal of a lifetime… or ruin my chances of ever running my family’s company.

Gabe is handsome and surprisingly down to earth for a billionaire. Teaming up with him for a massive project shouldn’t have required us to fake a relationship.

My machista Latine family is to blame for forcing us into it. They think my goal should be to settle down and make babies, not run a corporation.

But I won’t let anything come between me and my career plans…

Until Gabe becomes my refuge. We blur the lines and break the rules. He surprises me by taking control when no one else is around, and knows exactly what to do with my curves.

Yet our deal has a deadline and our breakup is imminent.

I can’t let my family think they were right and he’s my future. Do I risk my goals for the sake of my heart?

Yours, For Now is a slow burn, cozy, dual POV romance, with a strong Latina MFC and a billionaire Latino MMC. This Fake Relationship trope story includes plus size and queer representation, and open door spice.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of swear words, coarse words
  • Machista/Sexist comments