Cover for Yours, Finally. The main color is a shade of pink/coral, with the couple at the forefront. She's curvy and wearing purple pants and a printed, light blue shirt; he is plus size, ginger, and wears a dark teal suit. They look at each other mischievously.

Yours, Finally

Book 3 of

Jake and Vi's story. Brother's best friend trope, with a fat hero and heroine.

Released: July 16, 2024

Available in paperback and to preorder at the link.

Kindle Unlimited release on July 16th.

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My brother’s best friend kissed me two years ago and I can’t let it go. Even though we risk an HR scandal and hurting the family, I think he’s on the brink of giving in…

Jake is a giant with the strength to handle my curves and the sweetness to write love songs. He likes it when I push him, wondering if he’ll pin me against the wall and break— again.

For years we resisted. He’s too loyal to my brother and my parents, who treat him like a son. To make matters worse, I’m his boss, so we shouldn’t pursue it.

Until too many hours alone planning his upcoming promotion and a family event make us forget all about rules. Soon we can’t keep our hands off each other. When I hear the songs he wrote about me? I’m done for.

But frenzied kisses in empty offices and secret getaways won’t take us far. If things go wrong, it could tear the family apart and ruin our reputation in the conglomerate we run.

Being in his arms is everything I dreamed of. With my heart at stake, it’s finally time to bet on us and face the world… or the wreckage is all we’ll leave behind.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of swear words, coarse language
  • Use of alcohol - social, on page, no intoxication
  • Mention of past parental neglect and physical abuse of the hero
  • Main character gets triggered, processing of event on page