Cover teaser for "yours, finally". You can see the faces of the characters and they gaze slyly at each other. She has brown hair and light brown skin, and he has ginger hair and white skin. The rest of the image looks like torn teal paper, with the words "coming soon" written on it.

Yours, Finally

Book 3 of

Jake and Vi's story. Brother's best friend trope, with a fat hero and heroine.


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He’s my brother’s best friend. He’s sexy, sweet… and untouchable. So why am I kissing him in empty offices every chance I get?

Jake is a gentle giant with fire inside and the restraint of a Spartan king. I’ve known him since we were children, and he’s the one guy I’ve liked that has never been intimidated by my billions, my sassy attitude, or my curves.

Yet we never got a chance at love. My feelings for him could never compete against the role he plays with our chosen family or the international conglomerate we run.

Until a change in the company makes us break, and we resort to hiding in empty offices and weekend getaways. There are too many eyes on us to risk it any other way.

But loving him in the shadows can’t last. We have to bet on us and brave everyone’s reaction… or find a way to move on at last.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of swear words, coarse language
  • Use of alcohol - social, on page, no intoxication
  • Mention of parental neglect and physical abuse of the hero
  • Main character gets triggered, processing of event on page