Cover for the book: A light green gazebo over a soft pink background, with the title in bold red font. Illustrations for the main characters stand under a centered, big twig of mistletoe. She wears glasses, has hair colored in brown, orange, and pink ombre, and is visibly plus size. He wears a blue plaid shirt. They both stare suspiciously at the mistletoe.

Under the Meh-stletoe

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Daniel and Ale's story is a Christmas novella for those who lack a spirit for the season. With a grumpy hero, a feisty heroine, and Small Town vibes.

Released: November 1, 2023
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Planning my hometown’s annual Christmas celebrations is bad enough… Having to do it with a hard-to-resist grump is even worse.

When my injured sister guilt-trips me into organizing the town’s holiday celebrations, only a week after moving back home, all I want to do is survive the season, nurse my bruised heart, and start my life over.

Now I have to co-chair a Christmas committee with a grouchy man I’ve never met. He has sexy curls, intense eyes that make it clear he craves my curves, and he dares look hot chopping down trees. He even likes it when I make fun of him! Grumps like him are my weakness.

But I can’t be interested. Who cares if we bond over our disdain of the holiday nonsense around us. Who cares if we share private jokes or engage in benign Christmas-related vandalism. Or even if we share a kiss or two.

I need time to be single and settle back into small-town living, not the distraction of an infatuation.

Except there may be more between us than a few rushed moments… and mistletoe won’t let me forget it.

Under The Meh-stletoe is a close proximity, Un-merry Christmas novella. It’s a slow burn with a grumpy hero, a feisty plus size heroine, holiday slander, and spice that makes it worth the wait.

Content Warnings

  • Use of coarse words, swears
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Mention of a car accident and related surgeries (in the past and off page)
  • Casual mention of alcohol consumption in social settings
  • Cynical view of the holidays