Cover: A road, an RV, mountains and a lake in shades of light green, and the main characters at the forefront. They embrace, with her leaning back and him holding her in a classic clinch. A tagline in grey blue reads, "can their love go the distance?" and the title is in bright, bold orange across the page.

Return to Love

Joel and Ami's story. Short novella, friends to lovers, road trip romance. Free for everyone who subscribes to my Newsletter.

Released: August 10, 2023

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Traveling across the country in close quarters with my sexy, sweet best friend is proving too tempting to resist. But I can’t risk losing the one person who’s my true home.

When tragedy wrecked my life and I left town to drive across North America and find myself, texting with my childhood friend became my anchor.

Two years later, I’m finally ready to go back to my small town… and Joel drops everything to keep me company on the last stretch of my journey. Two big people, cozy in my tiny home, driving through half the continent.

If only seeing him in person again didn’t stir my feelings in the scariest ways. If his dark hair and intense eyes didn’t make me want to climb him like a tree. If it weren’t so clear he wants me, too. Then maybe we wouldn’t be tempted to become a couple and risk what we have.

But his friendship is too important. I can’t let these feelings break us. Nothing can come between us, not even romance.

Return To Love is a short friends to lovers, road trip romance. Both characters are Latine and fat, and the story includes open door spice and the Only One Bed trope.

Content Warnings

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Use of swears and coarse words
  • Mention of parents dying in a car accident (no great detail, grief mostly resolved)